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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pachinko Restoration: Sankyo Update #1

Just a little Pachinko update...
I haven't had much time to devote to to the Pachinko machines, as I've been out of town. 
I've concentrated my attention on what I believe to be a 1974 Sankyo "Pinwheel" machine. It would appear from my research, that while my machine resembles the "Pinwheel" machine, it has some modifications (like the JET center target, and other unique targets). 

The play mechanism has also been tampered with, as I noticed the addition of a solenoid activated target.

So as you can see, I have removed the locking plates that hold the machine closed. I have also secured the Pachinko machine frame to the display frame. I was initially worried that removing the locking plates would cause the machine to open, but it's actually such a tight fit, that it requires some force to open, so no need for any securing mechanism. I have also started the process of converting the machine to 9 volts, as is evident by the 9V battery. 

The 9v battery poses a problem, in that it's not powerful enough to activate the solenoid. So I'm stuck on deciding whether to stay at 9 volts and remove the solenoid, find a solenoid that works on 9 volts, or move to a larger power supply.

That;s it for now, leave me a comment on what you think  I should do regarding the solenoid.

Friday, June 07, 2024

Pachinko Restoration: Intro

For those wondering, I'm doing very well post 4x bypass open heart surgery, the last few years have been a journey, but things seem to be settling down and I'm getting back to doing the things I like.

But enough about me, does this mean I'm back? Possibly, it's more about documenting my DIY adventures rather than having an online presence. 

Pachinko Restoration: Intro

So I purchased 2 pachinko machines years ago off craigslist. The first is a Mizho I paid $60 CDN for and 

the second is a Sankyo that cost me $80 CDN.

I got my father-in-law to build me display cases for both pachinko machines, which allows the machine to be beautifully displayed. A bonus feature of this wall mount display is that the Pachinko machines can be played on indefinitely, with lost balls collected at the bottom of the display (This was not my design, I found it somewhere and don't remember where. If this is your design and want credit contact me).  

I am going to start by restoring the Sankyo machine first, and the main issue I have with this display cabinet and these Pachinko machines is that I can't open the machines to service them. Normally you could reach around and lift the lock mechanism, but once inside the wall cabinet that isn't possible. I don't have the original keys, and obtaining a key is impossible apparently. I originally wanted to replace the lock, but these locks are integrated into the machine and removal would damage the Pachinko machine. So my solution is to remove the tabs that lock the machine closed, so I can swing the machine open to service. With the tabs removed I then run into the problem of how to keep the machine closed when in use. My thought is to install some cabinet door close magnets (Hoping they will be strong enough to keep the door closed). 
Here is the lock mechanism

This is the lock tabs.

That's it for this post, next post I will have hopefully obtained the parts needed to solve my Sankyo opening and closing issue.