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Where have I been?

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances: For those wondering why I haven't been online lately, and haven't been posting to my blog. this is my reason... Four days before our (Nadia and I) 3rd wedding anniversary, on October 2 2021, what was suppose to be a weekend planned celebrating completely changed. While we hadn't planned a huge celebration, what we were looking forward to was an intimate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tasty Indian Bistro, in Surrey. Where we ended up was the emergency room of VGH (Vancouver General), for what I believed was Covid19 related symptoms. You see all week long I had been suffering from mild heart burn and this annoying little cough, which I just couldn't get rid of. We went to the emergency room hoping they would rule out COVID-19, which they did, however their diagnosis was much worse than we had suspected. When I mentioned COVID to the emergency receptionists, she asked if I was vaccinated, and I responded yes with both do

The World Is Flat: Berlin, Germany

In this episode of 'The World Is Flat'  we take you to Berlin Germany. While I prefer to highlight  and showcase amateur riders representing flatland from around the world, we here at Mass-IMO don't discriminate against the pro's who represent, or their sponsors. So a big shout out to Camilo Gutierrez  for shredding up Berlin, and his sponsor G-Shock  for making it happen.

ROM: R-BOX Pro (Update)

This is a small update to the previous R-Box Pro post detailing how to upgrade the stock firmware to a newer version. I managed to stumble upon a forum discussion on  that detailed how someone (alienpearl) managed to manipulate (hack/mod) the firmware for the R-Box Pro to run Android TV.  The post is here . (this is not an image of the R-Box Pro's Android TV, just a version of Android TV) Having successfully flashed this rom to my R-Box pro, I can honestly say that it works, and works quite well. It was a rather different experience than the normal android tablet/phone environment, and it accepted my webcam without any problems. While it was a new refreshing look, at what could be an alternative for android boxes, it was a bit primitive for my mainstream use. I could however see how this O/S implementation could convert the more non tech savvy, as it was quite simple.   If you want to give this a try, follow my previous post on flashing the R-Box Pro,

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