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Where have I been?

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances: For those wondering why I haven't been online lately, and haven't been posting to my blog. this is my reason... Four days before our (Nadia and I) 3rd wedding anniversary, on October 2 2021, what was suppose to be a weekend planned celebrating completely changed. While we hadn't planned a huge celebration, what we were looking forward to was an intimate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tasty Indian Bistro, in Surrey. Where we ended up was the emergency room of VGH (Vancouver General), for what I believed was Covid19 related symptoms. You see all week long I had been suffering from mild heart burn and this annoying little cough, which I just couldn't get rid of. We went to the emergency room hoping they would rule out COVID-19, which they did, however their diagnosis was much worse than we had suspected. When I mentioned COVID to the emergency receptionists, she asked if I was vaccinated, and I responded yes with both do

MOD Pizza

I was over on Vancouver Island this past weekend visiting my wife's sister and her husband. It was my sister-in-laws birthday, so a big Birthday shout out to her. Also a big thanks to them for allowing the mainlanders to stay over for a few days. It was late afternoon and the ladies had gone out to do some shopping, the men were left home to watch the Euro Cup final. As both of us weren't football fans, the game for us was a bit of a snooze fest, so we decided to grab lunch. My brother-in-law, Ryan, suggested we try out MOD Pizza . I'd never heard of MOD pizza, but Ryan went on to described it as Sub-way style pizza. Ok it's bad enough that both of us being first generation Italians, aren't into football(soccer). Second, it's the Euro Cup final, and we're ditching the game to grab pizza? Then you suggest a Sub-way style pizza? WhatTheHeck!  I'm surprised we didn't get shot down by lightning or something. I know a little something about eating pizza,

OMG, Completely overwhelmed (Part 2)

  So it seems I may have corrected my non-compliance issue with the EU, yay I can start making money again! (EU issue was that my site was listed as instead of, I don't even know where the / came from, as this is a Blogger template) Now Google AdSense doesn't seem to work. I'll gone through the code a dozen or so times this week so I'll dumb it down, as I really don't understand it all to well myself.  Google places advertisements on my site, based on who is visiting (they listen to you phone calls) Google can only place advertisements , if my site allows it (which is what I want) hidden on my site is a file (ads.txt) that gives Google permission to place advertisements  Google AdSense claims the ads.txt file is missing, so they can't place advertisements  in my attempts to fix this, I completely re-designed my website (as you may have noticed) to test functionality, I'm instructed to type in if my

OMG, Completely overwhelmed

  It's been a while since I was blogging on the regular. It's been even longer since I started this blog. Well, it seems I've neglected a bunch of stuff over the years, and it's time to fix everything. Fun Facts  #1. European laws dictate you need to have security imbedded into you domains through a DNS service? - I honestly thought I had done this when I click ok. Well here is the problem, I started this blog (and other blogs) as a free service from Blogger (google). I later went on to purchase this (and other) domains from Blogger (google). Blogger (google) purchased the domains (on my behalf) from GoDaddy.  So now when I need to do an update, I use the Blogger interface which send me to the Google interface, which redirects me to the GoDaddy interface, which lets me make changes. Well, somewhere along this chain, I lost access. Normally I just use the auto-password and auto-login from site to site, but I lost a password, or changed it, or changed my user name or some

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