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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Ceiling Mount

  Alexa, play my playlist... My goal has been to have music easily accessible while hanging out on my front patio. I'm aware of all kinds of stereo's, Bluetooth speakers/devices that could accomplish this, but I wanted something that wasn't tied to my smartphone, as well as something that wouldn't involve a major renovation (my front wall is brick). Now before people start to comment that I could have run stereo speakers in the soffit and into my house, that was already more work than I had planned as the soffit doesn't seem to be removable without using destructive force (I'm not sure how it was installed). I also wanted something that would be relatively permanent, in that I didn't want to have to charge something, or turn it on and off.  My solution was an echo dot mounted to the soffit, where my echo dot would be sheltered from the elements and provide music upon verbal command. So I turned to the world wide web for solutions, and there are a few great i

Feeding Vancouver's Homeless 2016

Even though the Mass-IMO website is still undergoing changes, and won't officially resume operation until early 2017, I couldn't allow this event to go on without promoting it.
I've been promoting and attending the annual feeding the homeless events for the past few years, and its never ceases to amaze me.
Today I received, a hand delivered, official 11th annual leaflet (as shown below) detailing this years Servants of Hope event that starts at 6pm on Monday, December 19th.

I encourage anyone with the time to reach out and make arrangements with to assist with volunteering, or maybe make a donation. 
Here are some of the pictures I took last year. Unfortunately my ability to document this event more extensively was dramatically impacted by a faulty USB cable. 

This first group of pictures (above) was taken as I was making my way to the event. A line of anticipation stretched for almost two city blocks as volunteers began preparations and setup. 


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