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Where have I been?

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances: For those wondering why I haven't been online lately, and haven't been posting to my blog. this is my reason... Four days before our (Nadia and I) 3rd wedding anniversary, on October 2 2021, what was suppose to be a weekend planned celebrating completely changed. While we hadn't planned a huge celebration, what we were looking forward to was an intimate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tasty Indian Bistro, in Surrey. Where we ended up was the emergency room of VGH (Vancouver General), for what I believed was Covid19 related symptoms. You see all week long I had been suffering from mild heart burn and this annoying little cough, which I just couldn't get rid of. We went to the emergency room hoping they would rule out COVID-19, which they did, however their diagnosis was much worse than we had suspected. When I mentioned COVID to the emergency receptionists, she asked if I was vaccinated, and I responded yes with both do

Tis The Season

I'd like to send out a special thank-you to everyone that's makes it a routine to check out the Mass-IMO site every so often. It's been about a year now since having to delete the old Mass-IMO site and re-start this new one. Just so people know, prior to being plagued with issues the old site was getting well over 5,000 visitors a month, which had taken me approximately 5 years to do. I'm not sure if that is a good number or not, but it is what it is. With the site undergoing a complete re-make, those numbers dropped to almost nothing. Within a few months of the new launch, Mass-IMO was seeing an average of 100 of so visitors a month. No that we're nearing the 1 year mark, I'm happy to say we're seeing the number of visitors eclipse the 1,000 visitor mark.  I'm beginning to enjoy blogging once again, and I'm hoping what I do, is bringing some happiness to all of you. Knowing how hectic the Christmas Season gets, We here at Mass-IMO would


One of the first things people realize when "cutting the cord", or more accurately the moving away from conventional sources of TV or Movie viewing, is the lack of commercials. Yes, one of the many benefits of cord cutting is no longer having you're TV show or Movie interrupted by commercials. Initially people rejoice at the thought of how much time is saved by not having to watch commercials. However this bliss of being able to truly binge watch TV or Movie's soon brings with it other problems. Hold on a second Mass, what kind of problems can we possibly encounter by not watching commercials? Well, for starters, without commercials you don't really know what new Movies are coming out, you don't know when your favorite TV show is playing next or when it starts up again. Heck you don't even know what new TV shows are coming out.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a service that could integrate with the streaming programs and add-ons you use, and

The World Is Flat: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

For those of you who can't quite understand the fascination of BMX Flatland, then maybe my russian comrade Aleksandr Dmitriev, might be able to explain it. He may be only 15 years old, but he sure seems to have a great grasp of the zen-like feeling, that only BMX Flatland can bring, and his riding shows it. If you liked our showcase of the Sportex Skatepark in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, then you might want to check out what other great parts of the world we've highlighted. You can find our "The World Is Flat" map at the bottom of our the Mass-IMO site with all the interesting area's around the world that follow the BMX Flatland sport. Have a location or rider you think needs some love and recognition? Then send an email to and maybe it'll be featured in an upcoming segment.

Terrarium TV

When I first tried Terrarium TV, over a year ago, I had absolutely no success in getting it to work. The interface was slow, and unresponsive, and I just couldn't be bothered fiddling with this new program when I was already quite satisfied with KODI. I've been a devoted KODI user since, well, before it was even called KODI. My history with cord cutting goes back to the days of XBMC (X-Box Media Centre), which is what KODI was formerly known as, way back in 2002.  You have to take intro consideration, that, when Terrarium TV came on the  scene, KODI 16.1 was the must have application for the cord cutting community. However as KODI moved past Jarvis (16.1) to Krypton (17.0) some machines were now being rendered useless, as the new KODI now required Android 5+ as a minimum requirement. This seemed to maybe indicate the beginning of the end for KODI, not only was it losing touch with its target base of users (by requiring new Android TV Boxes), their developers were scram

Aptoide TV

While there is nothing wrong with using the Google Play Store, if you're looking for a slightly easier to use alternative, then may I suggest Aptoide TV . So what makes Aptoide TV so good that I list it first? Well for starters, you don't need to have an account to begin downloading applications onto your Android TV Box. For most of us, we are all to familiar with the GMail login process that follows us around from device to device. The Android TV Box is usually used as a shared family device, do you really want everyone having access to your Google account? What if you don't have a GMail login account (I'm specifically referring to the IPhone users), do you really want to create one just for you Android TV Box?  If the above mentioned reason wasn't enough motivation to get you to switch, then maybe this will. Unlike the Google Play Store which was designed to be used with a touch screen interface, Aptoide TV can be completely controlled by the Android


A little while back I informed everyone that I would be starting a KODI section, with updates on builds,add-ons and such. Well since those days it seems every time I got around to writing up a segment on what is the best KODI build to use, or what was the must have add-on, no sooner then did pen touch paper (figuratively) that the build or add-on would die. This little charade went on for a few weeks, and I've finally come to the point of realization that KODI, the all around, most useful tool to traverses and navigate the cord cutting realm, is simply too broken and volatile to use. Sure I still use KODI, but it's become much too difficult to maintain for the casual enthusiast. Stay tuned as I bring you some alternatives

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