Terrarium TV

When I first tried Terrarium TV, over a year ago, I had absolutely no success in getting it to work. The interface was slow, and unresponsive, and I just couldn't be bothered fiddling with this new program when I was already quite satisfied with KODI. I've been a devoted KODI user since, well, before it was even called KODI. My history with cord cutting goes back to the days of XBMC (X-Box Media Centre), which is what KODI was formerly known as, way back in 2002. 

You have to take intro consideration, that, when Terrarium TV came on the  scene, KODI 16.1 was the must have application for the cord cutting community. However as KODI moved past Jarvis (16.1) to Krypton (17.0) some machines were now being rendered useless, as the new KODI now required Android 5+ as a minimum requirement. This seemed to maybe indicate the beginning of the end for KODI, not only was it losing touch with its target base of users (by requiring new Android TV Boxes), their developers were scrambling, forced to keep up with these changes. Many of these KODI add-on developers were also beginning to feel the pressure, as the outside world focused all its eyes on KODI and the question of it's legality. It would seem this one-two punch may have been enough to bring the mighty KODI giant to it's knees, and as a result, many developers (wanting out of the public spotlight) branched out and away from KODI. The giant that had ruled the cord cutting realm for the past 15 years had been toppled. In its wake, the cord cutting community eagerly awaits as a plethora of new streaming applications have begun flooding the scene.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I first went back to try experimenting with Terrarium TV, and boy was I astonished. The Terrarium TV I had now started using was a completely different reincarnation than the original. It was completely redesigned, looked impressive, was very responsive and most importantly it worked very, very well. What was most shocking was the ease and simplicity of Terrarium TV when comparing it to how complicated it had been to set up KODI. Yes, folks, it would seem we have a valid up and coming contender for the championship title of best cord cutting application. Only the future will tell for certain, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you're interested in trying out Terrarium TV, then you should be able to download it through Aptoide TV, or Google Play Store. You can also download it directly from this link.

** Now while I've praised the new Terrarium TV application, it isn't without its shortfalls, and the most notable in my eyes is the omission  of TRAKT watch-lists (For those unfamiliar with TRAKT, I will have an upcoming article on it). While Terrarium TV does integrate with TRAKT, it only sync's  some information like Watched TV, Watched Movies and Favorites. According the Reddit forums, work is being done by Terrarium TV developers to implement more TRAKT information, with Watch-lists hopefully coming soon, and maybe even a calendar (fingers crossed).

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