Monday, February 26, 2018

Where Have I Been? The Aftermath

After all the excitement surrounding the proposal, and Christmas, I'm also a January baby, so I celebrated a birthday as well.

So now we're in full wedding planning swing, and I have to begin planning Birthday celebrations for Nadia.

Now many of you may be asking, what happened to all the other posts? Where are all the World is flat updates (it's not like the world went round overnight), or all the tech related posts. and I have to say that they will eventually make it out. However, I am having a serious issue working on my tech articles, because I'm unable to get parts, It seems any parts I order that crosses the Pacific Ocean, never seems to get to me. I'm also unable to source the items locally, and if I do it's at an extortionately high price. So I ask all you out there, what should I do? Is there some other option out there to get electronic parts cheap here in Vancouver?

Did I also mention we've started home renovations, which is also limiting my ability to craft technology related posts, as my garage/workshop is an utter mess.

But, stay tuned, because as I get more free time, I will continue to post.

Thanks for being patient everyone!

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