Friday, February 02, 2018

Where Have I Been? Being Anti-Feminist

Following up from my last post, you would think I'd be moving right into the proposal, but you see life has it's own plans, as I'll explain.

The original proposal plan was to visit Nadia's parents in Osoyoos. While there I would find some reason to go out for dinner, I would ask her father for his permission to marry his daughter (against my better judgment, I'm with all you feminists on this one) then with ring in hand I would make a grand proposal at some time during dinner.

Normally I would like to be a bit better prepared, but as Nadia and I were planning to visit her parents, I was secretly planning the proposal behind her back. Unfortunately completion of the ring had been delayed, and there was just no way of having the ring for our trip to Osoyoos.

Despite a ruined proposal, our trip to Osoyoos wasn't a complete failure. We managed to start a tradition by bring up some Panetone, how many remember last years prank? We took in a rather lack luster Osoyoos Christmas Parade, who's grande attraction was the towns addition of 3 new fire trucks (for those counting that brought the total of parade vehicles up to 7). Sorry Osoyoos, but a 7 vehicle procession just didn't strike me as parade worthy, I still love your town, just not your parades (just saying). I also managed to sum up the courage to ask Nadia's father Joe, for his blessing in marrying his daughter. Now before I get flamed for my anti-feminist views, in my defense I was merely looking to follow in a slightly more traditional/conventional approach so as to not insult Joe. Joe's response would inevitably give the feminist movement the slam dunk they so rightfully deserved, as he told me something along the lines of "you're gonna have to convince her yourself, but if she's ok with it, then I'm ok with it." Not exactly the heartwarming, welcome to the family, response I was expecting, but then again served me right.

So what about the proposal? Stay tuned...

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