Friday, June 25, 2021


So this just happened... 
Not to long ago I received a package in the mail from the United Food and Commercial Workers union local 247. Inside the package was the certificate shown above,
this letter,
and this watch.

This is such a nice and thankful thought, a big thanks to the UFCW staff and members world wide.

So this might come to some who frequent as a shock, but I recently retired from my "life defining" job of 31 years as a retail worker/cashier/attendant. I say life defining, because I have always found it somewhat comical how, when you meet people, they almost always ask what you do for a profession. You're answer to this question, will ultimately somehow determine your worth to them, or your overall worldly worth. I was always at a loss because there is so much more that I've accomplished in life, and more to me than merely my cashier status. 

Anyways that chapter of my life has closed, and we will see what the future holds.


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