Saturday, December 10, 2022

An Update for 2022

My last post was over a year ago, and things weren't looking so good.
Today, I am officially back, but at what capacity I'm not sure. 
Facebook has removed me as administrator of the Mass-IMO Facebook site, so I wont be able to make posts available over there anymore.

I am recovering very well, and I am striving towards having a healthier lifestyle.

I am starting to miss blogging, in that I like the ability to look back at what I've done. 

So I've decided that I will attempt blogging again to document ongoing projects and experiences.

I will try to begin having more routine updates to this blog, however I am unsure what the content will look like.

Going forward, my emphasis will be more on the process of documenting, and no longer concerned with monetization, advertising, reach and numbers.

Send me an email if you have any comments...

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Happy New Year

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