Monday, February 26, 2018

2005 Yamaha BWS (#2): Strip Down & Rear Lighting

Nadia's scooter (pictured above), just doesn't have the pep it once had. It's a 2005 Yamaha Zuma (YM50, same as mine) with the stock 50cc engine still in it. While it's been a great learner scooter, the 50cc engine just isn't giving the same power it once was (Nadia's words, not mine). With those words in mind, I felt it was time to give this scooter a little power increase and slight beauty makeover. 

Since I've already detailed much of the transformations I'm planning on doing with this scooter on my scooter, I'll dispense with the extensive write up, and proceed straight to the pictures.

(minor cracks to the fairing, and scratches will be addressed)
(passenger foot rest damaged)
(not visible, but rack bolts sheered)
(Turn signals to be integrated with tail light, license plate area to be shaved down)


(Sheered screw holder on the inside of fairing) 
(used JB Plastic Weld to re-secure the fastener area, worked quite well)
  Rear Lights

(Marked out where the LEDS would mount)
(same as above picture, but other side)
(Hole drilled out)
(LED's mounted)
(Rear lights completed)

Looking For Game Consoles To Modify/Hack

Hey all you viewers!

I'm looking to do some game console modding articles. 

I'm looking for cheap to free older game consoles that I can use to experiment on. I'm really looking for a Playstation 2 (fat/phat) donation, but really anything old to tinker on would be helpful.

So if you have any old gaming consoles or handhelds that you're thinking of throwing out, contact me, maybe we can save them from going to the landfill.

Where Have I Been? The Aftermath

After all the excitement surrounding the proposal, and Christmas, I'm also a January baby, so I celebrated a birthday as well.

So now we're in full wedding planning swing, and I have to begin planning Birthday celebrations for Nadia.

Now many of you may be asking, what happened to all the other posts? Where are all the World is flat updates (it's not like the world went round overnight), or all the tech related posts. and I have to say that they will eventually make it out. However, I am having a serious issue working on my tech articles, because I'm unable to get parts, It seems any parts I order that crosses the Pacific Ocean, never seems to get to me. I'm also unable to source the items locally, and if I do it's at an extortionately high price. So I ask all you out there, what should I do? Is there some other option out there to get electronic parts cheap here in Vancouver?

Did I also mention we've started home renovations, which is also limiting my ability to craft technology related posts, as my garage/workshop is an utter mess.

But, stay tuned, because as I get more free time, I will continue to post.

Thanks for being patient everyone!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where Have I Been? The Proposal

After all the hi-jinx with getting a wedding ring, then seeking Nadia's fathers blessing, I was finally back in Vancouver and can now concentrate on the actual proposal, and I actually had a plan...

Nadia's sister Daniela and her husband Ryan were coming into town for Christmas, from Victoria on December 22nd, and I knew I wanted to use them to help in the proposal. You see, regardless of what religious or statutory holiday a long weekends fall on, we being the four of us (Me, Nadia,Daniela, and Ryan), seem to have our own traditions that we do when they come into town...

1) Go for Sushi
Sushi seems to be something everyone enjoys eating. It's diverse offerings can easily accommodate the most strictest of dietary restrictions while still satisfying the palette. I'm also of the belief, from personal trial and error, that Victoria even though surrounded by water and fish, really has sub par Sushi (just saying).

2). Go for Ernest Ice Cream
Usually a summer thing, where after dinner we drive to any of the local Ernest Ice Cream locations, grab some ice cream and go for a leisurely stroll. Ernest offers a variety of unique flavours as well as a whole offering of vegan options.

3) Play Video Games
Usually after a nice evening stroll, we strap in for some intense, bragging rights inspired, video gaming. This usually consists of games on the original Xbox, or the Nintendo Wii

With the above knowledge in hand, I devised the plan that what would ultimately set the stage for the proposal. Since the weather in December was so bad, and we couldn't possibly go for a evening stroll, I took it upon myself to acquired some Ernest Ice Cream in take home pints(as shown above), with each person getting their preferred flavour.

I brought home the Ernest Ice Cream pints, and scooped out enough ice cream from Nadia's pint, so as to fit the ring inside. Originally I wanted to fit both the ring and box inside the pint's jar, but the ring box wouldn't fit. Instead I had to improvise, so I searched for a way to shelter the ring from getting all messy in ice cream while hidden in the ice cream jar. Luckily for me, it was the Christmas season and we had all our gift wrapping supplies handy, where I managed to find a balloon, just big enough to fit the ring into. I stretched the balloon over the ring, and tied it closed, then dropped it into the carved out hole in the ice cream pint, and then began to re-fill with ice cream. Ok, so here is where I ran into problems, you see when they fill pints at Ernest, they have a machine, which fills uniformly without making a mess, unlike my attempt. I got as much melted ice cream back into the container, and returned the pint to the freezer to sit adjacent the other pints. At this point the stages was set.

Fast forward to December 23rd, and we had just finished having dinner (sushi, go figure) and I suggest we have Ice Cream for dessert. At first Nadia didn't want any dessert, and luckily we all peer pressured her into having some. Then she opens her pint of ice cream and instantly notices that it doesn't look right. WTF... Why is it, in all the romantic comedies, plans go off without a hitch, yet I'm struggling to get through one simple dessert!

Apparently in my haste to put the melting ice cream back into its container, I didn't recreate the "famous" dollop peak found in Ernest Ice Cream pints. Thankfully, Daniela convinced Nadia to scoop some out and see if the texture is the same, if not we would return it.

So some ice cream gets scooped out of the pint and into a bowl, exposing the balloon covered ring and the excitement ensues.

She said yes, for those still wondering

Friday, February 02, 2018

Where Have I Been? Being Anti-Feminist

Following up from my last post, you would think I'd be moving right into the proposal, but you see life has it's own plans, as I'll explain.

The original proposal plan was to visit Nadia's parents in Osoyoos. While there I would find some reason to go out for dinner, I would ask her father for his permission to marry his daughter (against my better judgment, I'm with all you feminists on this one) then with ring in hand I would make a grand proposal at some time during dinner.

Normally I would like to be a bit better prepared, but as Nadia and I were planning to visit her parents, I was secretly planning the proposal behind her back. Unfortunately completion of the ring had been delayed, and there was just no way of having the ring for our trip to Osoyoos.

Despite a ruined proposal, our trip to Osoyoos wasn't a complete failure. We managed to start a tradition by bring up some Panetone, how many remember last years prank? We took in a rather lack luster Osoyoos Christmas Parade, who's grande attraction was the towns addition of 3 new fire trucks (for those counting that brought the total of parade vehicles up to 7). Sorry Osoyoos, but a 7 vehicle procession just didn't strike me as parade worthy, I still love your town, just not your parades (just saying). I also managed to sum up the courage to ask Nadia's father Joe, for his blessing in marrying his daughter. Now before I get flamed for my anti-feminist views, in my defense I was merely looking to follow in a slightly more traditional/conventional approach so as to not insult Joe. Joe's response would inevitably give the feminist movement the slam dunk they so rightfully deserved, as he told me something along the lines of "you're gonna have to convince her yourself, but if she's ok with it, then I'm ok with it." Not exactly the heartwarming, welcome to the family, response I was expecting, but then again served me right.

So what about the proposal? Stay tuned...