Episode 4: Microwave Potatoe Chips

Episode 4: Microwave Potato Chips

During the research, leading into "What I Learned This Week", I learned another small little tidbit of information. So... stay tuned until the end for a little bonus bit of knowledge.

Besides making popcorn, and reheating leftovers I can't honestly say I don't use the microwave to make anything. Well this may change everything...

Ok so I'm definitely going to try these this weekend, and I'll report back which technique worked better.

**Bonus Information**
Did you know that the plural of potato is potatoes? While I always thought potatoes was the plural form, I was of the understanding that the singular form was potatoe, and I honestly believe this is what was taught in Canadian elementary schools.

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  1. Ok everyone, I tried making potato chips in the microwave this weekend, and it worked. I tried the parchment paper technique and the chips were pretty good.