Episode 5: Why Socialism Sucks

Episode 5: Why Socialism Sucks

This week I realized once again why I hold a centralist or maybe slightly right of center view. The reason, well because socialism and the lefts view of socialism just sucks.

By socialism I'm referring to a simplistic model as clearly defined by 2b by Merriam-Webster dictionary...

Definition of socialism
1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

Well I got married in 2018, which has been a good thing, however my household now has two incomes pushing me out of my modestly low tax bracket. As a result, according to the Canadian government, I was no longer eligible/entitles to a GST tax relief. Also, since I was married in October I was ordered to pay back the years worth of GST tax credit I had already received (that's about $850CDN). I understand the governments position, and upon receiving my assessment notice, quickly proceeded to make arrangement to pay my debt.

But this is not why I hate socialism...

On August 5. 2019 (receiving my notice that I owe $850CDN to revenue Canada) I quickly went online and paid my bill. I received a confirmation number from my bank, and figured I, as a proud and loyal Canadian, had done my part.

This is why I hate socialism...

On September 25, 2019 I receive another letter from revenue Canada, informing me I owe them $850CDN for outstanding GST repayment. The letter also states that if I have already made my payment to simply disregard this letter.
So I disregarded this letter.

This is why I hate socialism...

While extinction rebellion and Greta are all we see on TV, the Canadian government is still frantically chopping down trees, to mail out letters informing me that I owe them money for an already paid bill (which I did online, I might add). (Remember back when wasting paper was a thing? Don't hear about that anymore do we?) But it's all ok right, because come on, they (the Canadian government) offsets their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits, you know, the ones that the guy down the block sells out the back of his van. You know that guy, more famously known as "the guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans", well he says we're all good, and we believe him, don't we?

On October 25, 2019 I receive another letter from revenue Canada, informing me I owe them $850CDN for outstanding GST repayment. The letter also states that if I have already made my payment to simply disregard this letter.

Worryingly I go online to check my account status with revenue Canada.
Amount owing 0.00
past bill due $850CDN
past bill paid $850.00CDN


So I call the help line, hoping to find out why I am still getting payment notices when I should be receiving a receipt.

Why I hate socialism...

After a 30 minute merry go round with automated switchboards, I then had to wait over an hour to talk to an actual agent.
I finally get through to an actual human agent, and as I'm explaining my situation, they hang up on me. No rhyme or reason, I simply hear a click and then there is no one else on the line with me. I didn't even finish explaining the issue, I was mid sentence and click.
All I could think was "How Dare You" 
Foolishly I sat next to my phone for the next 5 minutes hoping someone would call me back, apologetically appealing for my forgiveness, but alas all for not.

Now to all my friends on the left, is this really what we want to see more of?
Is this the best that we deserve?
Shouldn't we be getting treated better?
Dare I say it, but shouldn't someone get FIRED!
Where is the accountability?

How does it take 2 months to verify a paid bill.
MasterCard & Visa don't operate this way.

Having served the retail industry for 30 years, I can't imagine a business promoting this kind of service and staying in business, well unless its a crown corp, or crown monopoly, but you get my sentiment.

I have watched the left as they say capitalism is bad, capitalism promotes greed, but in my opinion capitalism always gives better service and better quality products or you can simply choose to patronize another establishment, something that was said by socialism...NEVER.

Like always, please chime in to the comments and let me know what you think..

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